Renaissance Digital Accelerator

Driving Success:
- Elevating Digital Equity Among Immigrant Entrepreneurs
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Program Overview

This Accelerator is specially designed to empower immigrant owned small businesses in the New York City area to overcome the digital divide that has hindered the success of their business. This transformative 4-month program is dedicated to helping businesses harness the power of digital solutions to boost online visibility and attract new customers, thereby fostering sustainable growth in the digital era.

Completely Free

This program is completely free, excluding any pre-existing operational costs you may have

Weekly Consultations

Weekly consultations including a marketing audit, education, and implementation guidance
Our Impact Journey

From Transactions to Transformations

NYC Small Businesses Served
Revenue Generated During Program
Customer Transactions Generated
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Embracing Digital Inclusivity: Multilingual Support for Your Business

At Renaissance Digital Accelerator, we understand the importance of cultural and linguistic inclusivity in today's global market.
By offering our program in English, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish, we aim to break down barriers and ensure that businesses from diverse backgrounds can access the tools and knowledge needed to succeed online.

Our goal is to have an inclusive economy by advancing digital access to those who struggle with language and cultural barriers.

  • English - Access comprehensive digital training to elevate your online visibility.

  • Chinese (中文支持) - 掌握数字解决方案,提升您的网络存在感并吸引顾客。

  • Korean (한국어 지원): 레네상스 디지털 가속 프로그램으로 로컬 비즈니스의 성공을 강화하세요.

  • Spanish (Soporte en Español): Impulsa un crecimiento sostenible con nuestras estrategias digitales innovadoras.

Success Stories

Success Narratives of Non-Native English Speaking Entrepreneurs


Jessica Kang
Owner at Skin Sarang


Jun Chao
Principal at Honey Academy


Tomas Mosquera
Owner at DirectCompu

Impact Data

Our results in numbers


More Calls Made from Business Profile Compared to Previous Year


Average Increased Website Traffic Compared to Previous Year


More Direction Requests Made Compared to Previous Year


More Google Business Profile Views Compared to the Previous Year

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Impact Data

Transform Your Online Presence

Amplify Your Impact: Boost Your Business Profile
Customer Calls Generated
More Calls Made from Business Profile Compared to Previous Year
Average Increased Website Traffic Compared to Previous Year

Don’t just take our word for it!

Hear from some of our amazing clients who were part of the previous cohorts:
“Grateful for Renaissance Economic Development Corp—they support growth-minded entrepreneurs during challenging times, making funding accessible.”
Owner of Rozannas Violin
“I am so happy to be working with Renaissance! They believe in new entrepreneurs and giving the help and tools necessary for success.”
Founder of Happyhounds
“This is such a great organization. Thank you Renaissance EDC for your programming. This program was able to help me grow my business and increase my online presence. New customers are finding me!"
Owner of Executive Fitness Gym
"Renaissance provided outstanding support. I obtained a timely loan and essential marketing aid for my business. Their assistance, both comprehensive and detailed, was immensely valuable."
Jiyun Kim
Principal of C2A Campus
"Renaissance has been a transformative force, significantly impacting my life and business. DirectCompu has evolved remarkably thanks to their support. I'm deeply thankful for their commitment to small businesses and minority entrepreneurs. Strongly recommended!"
Tomas M
Owner, DirectCompu
"Renaissance's support in enhancing my business amidst COVID-19 has been invaluable. I'm immensely grateful for connecting me with Kevin and Han from Leadflow, who have been instrumental in revolutionizing my online presence. A huge thank you for all your assistance!"
Jessica Kang
Aesthetician @ Skin Sarang

Start Your Transformation Today: Elevate Your Online Presence with Us!

Application deadline: April 5th 2024