Renaissance’s mission is to transform low-to-moderate income and immigrant communities in New York Metro Area by providing low-interest small business loans, training and counseling services.

Provided to small businesses
Created & retain over in NYC
Loan Capital
$66+ Million
Supporting over 2,500 businesses

Renaissance 25th Anniversary Legacy Video

Reimagination & Transformation

The Historical Story of

Asian American and Chinese immigrant workers protesting for their equal rights
Renaissance was created by Asian Americans for Equality (AAFE). The impact was to assist NYC's low income immigrant residents with small business development and access to capital which will create more jobs in disadvantaged communities in NYC.

• Certified by U.S. Treasury as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI)

• Became a Small Business Administration (SBA) Microloan Intermediary Lender. This allowed Renaissance to lend capital directly to small businesses in NYC.
Fire fighters gathered in the rubbles of world trade center
• Assisted in the Economic Recovery of Downtown Manhattan after the World Trade Center Tragedy on 9/11/2001. The impact was 1,550 jobs were retained and 148 jobs were created in downtown Manhattan.

• Disbursed $11 million of Emergency Loans that assisted 238 small businesses affected by the 9/11 Tragedy.
Renaissance's expanded office in Flushing Queens NY
• Renaissance expands its offices to Flushing Queens NY, where nearly 70% of the Flushing population is Asian American, 15% is Latinx and 4% Black. In Flushing, small businesses grew by nearly 70% from 2000-2019.

broken bridge after hurricane sandy
•Assisted in the Economic Recovery of NYC after the Hurricane Sandy disaster.

•Disbursed nearly $3.2 million of Emergency Loans to over 150 small businesses affected by the Hurricane Sandy.

•Most of the emergency loans were made to the most impacted areas such Far Rockaways, Coney Island, Staten Island and Lower Manhattan.
Image of REDC Team holding a big check from SBA celebratingREDC Leadership team holding a award in front a camera
• SBA named Renaissance one of the top 10 SBA Microlenders in the nation*.
*Based on loan dollars deployed

• Became licensed as SBA Community Advantage lender.
REDC Team with a small Ramen business owners with mask on during pandemic time
• Renaissance saves local NYC small businesses by deploying over $10 million in emergency loans, SBA PPP loans and grant capital.

• We provided critical digital technical assistance to over 1000 entrepreneurs during the pandemic.  
• Renaissance was honored to celebrate its 25th anniversary on July 21st, 2022. In attendance were esteemed funders, partners, and REDC’s small business clients, all of whom have had a hand in propelling the organization’s mission to empower low-to-moderate income and minority communities in New York Metro Area.
• Observing the needs of our neighboring communities post-pandemic, Renaissance expands its small business services into the New York & New Jersey Metro Area after 25 years of serving only NYC, marking a historic milestone.
• Renaissance is broadening its service horizons to encompass New York Metro and New Jersey region.
Renaissance continues to transform low-to-moderate income and immigrant communities in New York Metro Area by providing low-interest small business loans, training and counseling services.

Since its inception in 1997, Renaissance has:

• Provided over 2,500 loans to small businesses
• Deployed nearly $66 million in loan capital into the NYC community
• Helped to created & retain over 7,000 jobs in NYC
• Served over 10,000 small business owners and entrepreneurs with technical assistance
• Deployed nearly $10 million in emergency loans and grant capital to save our small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.