We empower small business owners through providing affordable loan capital.

Our range of small business loan offerings is tailored specifically for entrepreneurs who find themselves under-served by conventional financial establishments. We extend affordable loan capital solutions to both budding startups and established small businesses within the vibrant landscape of the New York Metro Area.

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Small Business Loan Program
This small business loan program is a low cost flexible loan program for pre-revenue start-up and existing businesses that have working capital or start up budget needs. This loan program is especially helpful to those who are not able to access traditional bank financing. Loan funds are flexible and can be used for renovations, inventory, marketing, debt refinance, and working capital.

• Loan up to $100,000
• 4-6% fixed interest rate
• Loan terms up to 72 months
• Flexible use of funds for business purposes
• Available for start up or existing businesses
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Small Business Express Impact Loan Program
This express loan program is for small businesses that need a quick capital infusion to meet working capital gap needs. This is flexible working capital up $15,000 for immediate and flexible use. Especially with rising costs of goods and services, small businesses can use this express loan to assist with vendor payments, debt refinancing or pay for increasing operating expenses.

• Loan up to $15,000
• 8% fixed interest rate.
• Loan terms up to 36 months
• Funds can be used for business working capital
• Easy qualification
• Funds can be available in two weeks after approval
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SBA Community Advantage
This is an SBA guaranteed loan program for pre-revenue start-up and existing businesses that need to borrower a larger loan amount but lacks the traditional collateral to secure their loan. With the SBA guarantee, Renaissance is able to extend a larger loan to those who cannot access conventional bank loans.

• Loan up to $250,000
• WSJ Prime + 4% interest rate
• Loan terms up to 84 months.
• Available for start-ups or existing businesses.
• SBA guaranteed loan program.

Loan Programs

Greater New York Loan Fund

Up to $100,000

This loan program is specifically for those business owners who are socially & economically disadvantaged. This loan program has flexible terms and conditions and quick approval time.  It is also great for NYC businesses that want to expand outside of NYC into Long Island or Mid-Hudson Valley.

SBA Microloan

Up to $50,000

This loan program is best for existing microbusinesses or new entrepreneurs who want to start a business located in NYC. This program has flexible terms and use of funds. It is mostly used for quick working capital needs.                                                                                                                      

SBA Community Advantage

$100,000 - $350,000

A loan program is focused on NYC underserved communities and for business owners have difficulty accessing traditional banking capital. This loan program is guaranteed by the Federal Small Business Administration (SBA) and will need the SBA for loan approval

Emergency Loan Program

Up to $50,000

Existing NYC Small business that is impacted by unexpected situation such as natural disaster, fire or flood causing interruption and damages to the business. Must demonstrate damages to apply.